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For cement enterprises to save energy, SIMO Blower is more professional!
Time:Jan 15th, 2021
In the context of national energy conservation and emission reduction, improving the actual operating efficiency of fans is of vital importance to cement production companies, and cement companies have a great demand for energy saving of fans. According to relevant statistical data, most of the fans in cement companies have high energy consumption, and there is a lot of room for energy saving. Optimization and transformation of fans, energy saving and consumption reduction, thereby improving market competitiveness, are the development trends of cement companies.


SIMO Blower has a wealth of fan manufacturing and transformation achievements in the cement industry. Aiming at the process characteristics of the cement industry fans, it has independently developed and researched and launched multiple series of high-efficiency energy-saving fans. It has achieved excellent results in the energy-saving technology transformation of the cement industry fans.


In order to solve the problem of low operating efficiency of cement mill fans, a cement company invited SIMO to carry out energy-saving transformation. After on-site inspection, the operating efficiency is 65% and the energy consumption is high. According to the measured parameters, we communicated with customers and believed that the current air volume is not enough to meet the production task. In addition, due to objective factors such as production tasks, the whole machine cannot be replaced, but the rotor group can only be replaced. According to customer needs, combined with the measured fan performance parameters and casing air inlet data, technicians use CFD fluid simulation software to adjust the blade profile of the wheel cover, adjust the blade outlet angle, and redesign the new rotor group to match the original casing the air inlet ,realizes the improvement of air volume, pressure and efficiency, increases product market competitiveness.
In the cement industry fan transformation project, SIMO relies on advanced and accurate testing equipment, rich transformation experience, customized non-standard design, sophisticated production technology, and professional service team to make the energy-saving transformation of the fan easier. More professional and more efficient!