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SIMO Blower was awarded the A+ level credit qualification of the Commercial Credit Center
Time:Jan 7th, 2021
SIMO Blower has been assessed by the corporate credit certification of Epac, an e-commerce website of Sinopec, with the company's credit rating of "A+" and a credit certificate issued by the Commercial Credit Center.
Legal person credit certification is a comprehensive evaluation of the compliance and trustworthiness of the legal person subject. The result of the certification has been used in the procurement business of Sinopec as a bonus item for bid evaluation and procurement decision-making, and it is the primary basis for users to place orders and choose cooperative partnerships on the Epay platform.


In response to the requirements of Epay platform legal person credit certification, the Commercial Credit Center rated our company for legal person credit certification. The expert team of the Commercial Credit Center mainly conducts multi-faceted due diligence on our company through field visits and department interviews. The survey results will serve as an important basis for SIMO's credit rating evaluation on the Epay platform.


Recently, the Commercial Credit Center issued a credit rating report. The credit rating of SIMO Blower is "A+", which means that SIMO has a strong ability to perform and has a low default risk. The report affirmed that SIMO has certain R&D strength, revenue scale increased year by year, and business conditions are improving. It is an objective assessment of SIMO's comprehensive strength and contract performance capabilities by a third-party organization.