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The second batch of Centrifugal fans for Guatemala users has been loaded and shipped
Time:Mar 2nd, 2021
March 1, six set of belt-driven medium-pressure fans were installed and will be sent to Guatemala soon.

This cooperation is the second time for users to order fans from SIMO. After the first batch of Centrifugal fans arrived at the site, they were running well with full quality, which ensured the smooth operation of the project and was highly praised by users. At present, the second batch of Centrifugal fans has been produced and installed, and will soon be sent to Guatemala, where the user project is used.

This year in January, the user again ordered the third batch of fans for dust removal from SIMO Blower. At present, this batch of fans is also in production.


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 Please look for the SIMO brand when buying centrifugal fans!