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Welcome Thai customers to visit SIMO Blower
Time:Jun 5th, 2019
In Early June, SIMO ushered in a seven-Thai customers visit with the enthusiasm of summer. On this special visit, firstly Thai customers want to get centrifugal fan production schedule, Secondly, with another Thai engineering company together, they all want to visit SIMO Blower and discuss cooperation matters with SIMO. 

Introduced by department manager and foreign trade business manager, Thai customers got deeper understanding for SIMO’s products, R & D capabilities and production capacity. Then accompanied with SIMO’s engineer and sales manager, the customer visit SIMO’s manufacture workshop, making a deep communication on the centrifugal fan production details, specific processes and other parts. SIMO Blower’s engineer gave the detailed answers to customer’s questions. Nice production environment, orderly production process, strict quality control and diligent employees all have left a deep impression on customers, which also have been praised and fully affirmed by Thai customers. Hoping that we can build long-term cooperative relationship with each other and achieve the win-win goal.

Under the premise of meeting the customer's delivery date, this batch of centrifugal blowers will be shipped in mid-June. It is expected that the centrifugal fan will be installed smoothly on the customer site, making a satisfactory answer to customers. Thanks for customer have chosen SIMO Blower, your satisfaction will inspire us to move forward.