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Russian Customers Visit SIMO Blower
Time:Jul 16th, 2019
On July 11, two customers from Russia came to SIMO Blower for a visit and discussion. Although it was in Midsummer  July, it didn’t affect the customers’ enthusiasm for understanding SIMO Blower .

Accompanied by the business manager and R&D engineer , the customers first learned about the company's development history and the future development vision of the enterprise, and watched the enterprise promotional film, then they visited the  comprehensive workshop, simply understood the production process of the fan.

The customers’ company is a large local lime factory in Russia. Most of their centrifugal fans were purchased from Russia before. Because the acquaintance about our company online before, the customers were deeply impressed by the products of SIMO Blower. The first stop of this trip to China came to our company .

After the visit, the customers again expressed his affirmation to the company and decided to sign a cooperation agreement with SIMO. We believed that the advanced management system and high quality fan products of SIMO will attract more customers to cooperate with our company.