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SIMO BLOWER video completed & first released
Time:Jul 6th, 2019
With the arrival of the summer, from April to June, the two-month production of the corporate image promo has finally completed, and first released.Let’s watch it with excitement.

The video was shot by Bairu Qi, who come from the e-commerce department. From the preparation to the mid-term shooting and the later revision of the production, she has invested a lot of effort, other departments are also very cooperative. During the filming process, everyone puts the best state into it. Although they are  ‘amateur actors’, they are the true characters. They show the daily state and the most real side of our work.

The video is 5’17’’ long and contains Chinese and English versions. Although the time is short, the content is comprehensive. It summarizes the company's development history, main products, international and domestic sales areas, work processes of various departments, employee’s spirit, and vision planning. The successful filming of the corporate image promo is a propaganda of corporate culture, a promotion of employees' spirit, a good propaganda, so that customers can better understand SIMO BLOWER. It can better promote the promotion and sales of products and establish a good brand image of the company.