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SIMO Blower’s high-temperature heavy duty kiln tail centrifugal fan is delivered as scheduled
Time:Jun 5th, 2020
On June 4th, a set of high-temperature heavy duty kiln tail centrifugal fan, which is used in the cement production line, designed and manufactured by SIMO Blower was sent to the port as scheduled on time.
The high-temperature centrifugal fan is the power source of the firing system. The gas flow, the kiln system and the preheater system who has negative environmental pressure, are powered by the high-temperature centrifugal fan.

The user of this set of centrifugal fan is a large domestic mining machinery company, and the project address is in Uzbekistan. Through the parameters on working condition provided by the user, SIMO Blower’s technicians provide the user with double suction and double support centrifugal fan. This type of heavy-duty centrifugal fan has the advantages of stable operation and convenient maintenance. It is generally used for the condition wtih large air volume and high pressure. SIMO Blower fully satisfied the user’s requirements in terms of the function, design, structure, performance, installation and testing of the equipment.

Today, this set of centrifugal fan has completed packaging, packing and protection work, waiting for delivery. A few days later, it will arrive in Uzbekistan through the Xinjiang port to help the cement production line remove exhaust gas.

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