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Iranian customers visit SIMO Blower
Time:Oct 29th, 2019
On October 23, two customers from Iran came to SIMO Blower for a second visit. Our company's deputy general manager, the department manager and business manager warmly welcome guests.
First, the customers visit the workshop and asked questions about the material and performance of the centrifugal blower. The business manager gave a detailed answer to the questions raised by the customers.

After returning to the conference room, the customers expressed full recognition of the company's production strength and the performance and quality of the products. At the same time, it indicates that the dust collection system supporting fan have great potential for development in the local area, and expressed the hope to establish a long-term cooperative relationship.They also proposed cooperation plan: SIMO Blower provides core technology, they are responsible for production and sales and establish joint ventures in Iran to seek common development. After discussion, the two parties initially established cooperation model that SIMO Blower is a supplier for their company's dust collection system supporting fan , and providing professional technical support.

The customers’ visiting reflected the advantages of SIMO Blower in the international market. As a professional centrifugal fan manufacturer, we will continue to practice the entrepreneurial spirit of innovation and development, ensure the quality of fan products, and provide quality services.