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The first meeting of the three major management systems review was held in SIMO Blower
Time:Jul 6th, 2020
 On July 6th, The first meeting of supervision and review work for the three major management systems was held in SIMO . Deputy general manager Mr. Zhu attended the meeting and extended a warm welcome to the review team. The leaders of various departments of the company attended the meeting and expressed that they would actively cooperate with the review team. The meeting was co-chaired by Baozhu Li, the leader of the audit team, and Xintao Li, the head of the quality inspection department.

At the meeting, the audit team leader introduced the purpose, basis, scope, methods and work arrangements of the three major management system supervision audits, and made a confidentiality commitment on behalf of the audit team regarding this supervision audit. According to the plan, the team will supervise and audit the three major management systems of SIMO from July 6th to 8th, and finally report the results.

Mr. Zhu emphasized that, firstly : all departments of the company must actively cooperate with the audit team, arrange audit matters, and provide logistical support to ensure the smooth progress of the audit work. Secondly : relevant personnel should humbly ask experts for advice, to further expand knowledge and vision, and lay a foundation for better serving the production and operation of enterprise. Thirdly : the internal auditors should humbly accept the problems discovered by the audit team, analyze the causes in depth, find the root causes, formulate measures, and implement rectification; and should clarify the rectification goals and deadlines, and further improve the three major management systems to promote the high quality development of SIMO Blower. The first meeting ended successfully in SIMO.